Club Knobs You Can Change Without Unscrewing?

Amazing experimental juggler and tinkerer Justin Widmar of Prop Box Approved just released his newest contribution to the world of clubs.  If you’ve ever changed your worn down knob on a wood-doweled club (Henry’s crew, where you at?), you know that there’s a serious risk of stripping your core.  Then you use wood matches, rethread with a bit, go all the way to EJC to get your club repaired or just buy a new damn club.

No more, according to Prop Box Approved.

Protect yourself from harm with this soft and squishy knob that fully covers the screw from damage to and from the outside world. OR do you like changing your knob color?? Replace knobs in the future without the need to screw it from the club. Don’t strip out your club dowel ever again!!

Comes as 2 pieces: Core and knob
Remove your old knob, screw core onto your club handle, press new knob over the core and your ready to go.

-Fits most clubs using existing screw and washer
-8 grams
-35mm Diameter
-23mm Tall
-2mm ID for screw hole that has been recessed for comfort

Buy them here.

I’ve got 3 on order and will be reviewing them after a few weeks of play.  What questions about these do you want answered?