Vote For Your Favorite Flow Artist!

“Top” lists are becoming more of a staple tradition for Circus communities with each passing year. Luke Barrage’s “Top 40 Jugglers of the Year,” Ben Drexler’s “Top 10 Favorite Poi Spinners of the Year,”’s annual “Hoopie Awards,” and more.

2017 marks a new voter-style Top list in the form of Exuro Piechocki’s “Top 10 Flow Artists of the Year,” which he describes as:

“…an opportunity to reflect on their journey and recognize those in their lives that make them strive to be a better flow artist and person.”


  • List your top 10 Flow Artists of 2017 in any order.
  • Each name must be on its own line.
  • Please put 10 names on 10 different lines, with the correct spelling, and no punctuation.
  • You may vote for a group by listing the group name, or all names of the people in that group on one line.
  • You can vote for group members individually as well as a part of a team.
  • Voting closes Dec 22nd at midnight PST.
  • Only your most recent comment is counted.

Circus communities are large and disparate. You might be part of a regional college or training center.  You might find local community in a spinjam and more distant connections in festivals.  You may contribute to a Facebook group dedicated specifically to a single craft.  Flow Artists are one such tribe, to me, that exists as a particularly Western, particularly inclusive group of mostly object manipulators of all kinds and this is a great opportunity for us, identifiers of Flow Arts, to share a bit of praise for our inspirations and leaders.