Drex’s 5 Tips for Getting Your Workshops Accepted to Flow Festivals


Longtime Poi spinner, teacher, and organizer of Flow Festivals, Drex is dropping some tips on how to better your odds in getting your workshops through the forms and into the fests for the upcoming 2018 fest season.

Here’s the TL;DR. Check the video above for the detailed breakdown.

  1. Have a strong social media presence with content to:
        • Easily show your skill level
        • Familiarize the event organizers with you
        • Lay down groundwork for workshop materials
  2. Consider your travel costs and ask for less money
  3. Offer more classes
        • No fewer than 3 classes if stipend is expected
  4. Teach less competitive props
        • Poi, Hoop, and Staff are oversaturated
        • Find crossover like using Poi skills to transfer into Puppyhammer classes
  5. Specialize by identifying conceptual trends with your prop and building workshops around them.
        • Past examples include toroids and 3-poi basics.