Vojta X Johny Douglas | “High Velocity” in Prague

Vojta Stolbenko, infamous in the Flow Arts community for his Poi and Staff contributions, has been burning a trail in the world of film with amazing locales, camera movement, and talented artists in front of the lens.  Meanwhile, Johny Douglas has been crushing the 3 staff game, blazing past many of his peers in cleanliness and complexity.

What do you get when you combine all that?

Brilliant short movie, you deserve few bucks for a new drone 


“This makes me want to pick up staff juggling”

Johny and Vojta took some time to dive deeper after this release with me. Check out what they had to say. 🙂

What gear was used to film and why did you choose it over more conventional camera equipment?

Johny: I’ll let Vojta answer number one but i believe it was a Dji Phantom 3.
It was filmed with the drone DJI Phantom 3 Pro. I think a camera in motion fits well the motion of staff. And it definitely open up new ways of filming. I love fluent camera motion.

What has kept you motivated to continue practice and mastery with props?

Johny: For me there has always been two things that have kept me motivated over time. The setting and reaching of goals and having so many amazing friends that inspire me to continue to create and work harder.
Vojta: It is fun to progress at something. It’s partially the goals I want to reach and partially the fun of the process getting there that motivates me. Also, for me it’s a way how to relax and express myself. I can’t imagine life without flow arts. Furthermore, I’m a bit hyperactive and this help.

What tricks or concepts do you have your eye on as a dream in the future?

Johny: Currently, 5 staff in wall plane and 3 staff body rolls/bramson rolls on every part of the body possible.
really want to master 3 poi. I’m also very motivated with staff (and I want to progress with 3) but it’s poi that is my main prop and my main passion. I love dance based spinning, so I am working a lot on dance moves, acrobatics and expression through movement. I want to combine this with all the props I use.

If you could go back in time to give yourself any tips on your craft (not lottery numbers, lol), what would those tips be?

Johny: Stretch more and give back when the opportunities arise.
Vojta: Fix that drone before it crashes itself. Stretch more in the past, start working on dance earlier.

Editor’s Note: Donate to the fundraiser to get Vojta a new drone so he can keep bringing us awesome collab videos! Any amount helps and he’s got awesome giveaways for donators.

Any upcoming tours for 2018 where people can catch you?

Johny: I’m taking a year off of 2018 to prepare for trying to enter into a school in Europe.
Vojta: So far I know I’ll be performing and teaching at Ignite in Belgium this April, and at Roztoc fest 2018 in Prague. There might be more events, but I’m not sure yet.

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